Deutschland- und Europapolitisches Bildungswerk NRW (DEPB)
Brochterbecker Straße 28
D-49545 Tecklenburg
Telephone: +49 (0) 54 82-93 98 0
Fax: +49 (0) 54 82-93 98 20
E-Mail: info@depb.de
Website: www.depb.de

Contact for European Affairs
Petra Theisling, Executive Director / DEPB

Type of Institution
Recognised institution of political adult education in free sponsorship

Brief Description
Founded in 1977, the DEPB is an institution of civic education in free sponsorship.

Three full-time pedagogic and two administrational staff members organise in cooperation with numerous partners from different
political and societal areas (local branches of parties, trade unions, church groups, associations, adult education centres etc.)
annually about 50 seminars and field trips about Deutschlandpolitik, European politics and general or international politics.

In Tecklenburg, the DEPB possesses an office without seminar rooms. So the seminars, which usually have four or five overnight stays,
take place in about 25 different locations Europe-wide. The participants have the possibility to inform themselves about important
political issues “where they take place” and first hand. Thereby important institutions are visited and themes are imparted by
competent speakers from the political and societal practice.

The seminars about European politics, which mainly take place in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels, focus on the information
about the goals, organisational structure and tasks of the European Union. Seminars in the German-Dutch, German-Danish and
German-Polish border area deal with the possibilities and structures of regional cross-border cooperation. Events in important cities
of North, Central and Eastern Europe allow an insight in the current political and economical problems of these countries as well as their
contribution to European political action. The participants shall be enabled to get an own, reasoned position on issues of the
European integration, to observe the public discussion in the media differentiated and to find out as well as take their chances for an
own participation in political events.

The seminars about Deutschlandpolitik concentrate on the far-reaching transformation processes, which have happened in the new
state since 1989, as well as the present political, economical and social problems, which resulted from these.


  • Imparting information about the tasks and organisational structure of the EU and the development in Central and Eastern Europe

Target Group

  • Professionals
  • Political, voluntary and trade union activists
  • Seniors


  • Institutions of the EU
  • Eastern enlargement of the EU
  • Cross-border cooperation in Europe


  • Seminars about European politics abroad and domestic

Services are charged